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Although this is not a scientific fact proven by the most prestigious statistical agencies, yes we can affirm that most of women have been all his life on a diet or at least in some time periods have been following a bit rigorous diet to achieve what they consider their ideal weight.

However, this premise just given is not only appropriated to the female society sector, but as we have seen in recent decades, more and more men care about those rounded shapes surrounding their anatomy.

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No matter what time of year it is, so that the famous expression “Bikini Challange” has been moved to every month of the year, changing its name and getting others as “Christmas Challenge” and “Easter Challenge” among others.

But getting back to the ideal weight. What is the optimal weight for us?

Usually, an utopia. That is, a possible corporeal state only for a few but with dire consequences once reached the goal because in most cases it gets back to the starting point. Therefore, why don’t we focus in something possible and feasible rather than unreachable goals?

That’s what Dukan method tell to us. That is for Pierre Dukan, french doctor and author of this world famous diet, the most important thing is to focus our attention on what he calls “Exact Weight”. Concept that he defines as “the weight that can be maintained long term”. At this point we wonder how we can know what is our right weight. Well, Dukan calculate it through certain genetic and hereditary parameters in addition to the body parameters such as height and weight.

Once we have our exact weight, we just have to read and follow his guidelines to achieve it.

Dukan Diet features

We need to know in first place, that the Dukan method is a scheduled diet which is splitted into four sections or phases during which it will be combined the 100 foods that Dukan recommends for its low sugar and fat percentage. All of them are high-protein food whether animal or vegetable origin. Secondly, Dr. Dukan uses oats as basis of this diet because of the high nutritional value of this cereal.

Diet phases step by step

There are four phases.The first two for weight loss and the two last ones for weight maintenance.

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyDukan Diet Attack Phase

It is the first link in the chain designed to lose weight quickly. And how can you get? Very simple. During the period that lasts this cyclo, approximately a week, we are only allowed to eat pure proteins derived from animals. If we take the list of 100 allowed food by Dukan, 68 are animal proteins and 32 are vegetable proteins. So during this period we’ll have 68 varieties between meat and fish that we can taste. Further, without any restriction related to the amount of food that we want to eat till we feel filled.

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyCruise Phase

This second phase lasts till the desired weight is reached, we will approach to the exact weight gradually. Here Dukan allows us to alternate animal proteins with vegetable proteins. So now we can use each and every of the 100 allowed foods.

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyConsolidation Phase

The purpose of this stage is to train our body through the progressive incorporation of other meals that are not included in the list of 100 Dukan allowed foods. The aim of this phase is to avoid the “yo-yo” effect. To do this we have completely freedom regarding foods and the only commitment to dedicate every Thursday to pure protein intake.

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyStabilization Phase                          

And finally we came to the decisive and final point of the process. According to Dukan, this phase lasts forever. That’s why we can eat all what we want but always respecting and fulfilling three basic rules. In first place, and as it was in the consolidation phase, every thursday will be pure protein food. Secondly, you will have to make physical exercises daily, at least 20 minutes. And finally, oats will become in your best ally, so Dukan requires us to take three tablespoons of this cereal daily.

Dukan Diet: The 100 allowed foods

Dukan has divided into two blocks these allowed foods. On one hand, we have the high-protein foods which we have seen in the attack phase and we began to eat them. A total of 68 foods among which are: lean meats, poultry, fish, shellfish, dairy products and other such as oats and eggs. On the other hand, we have 32 vegetable protein foods which we have previously analyzed step by step, are introduced in the second phase, the cruise phase.

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it Perfectly


List of all 100 allowed foods:

68 Pure Proteins: Starting on the Attack phase

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyLean meat
Beef tenderloin, Filet mignon – Buffalo – Extra-lean ham – Extra-lean Kosher beef hot dogs – Lean center-cut pork chops – Lean slices of roast beef – Pork tenderloin, pork loin roast – Reduced-fat bacon, soy bacon- Steak: flank, sirloin, London broil– Veal chops – Veal scaloppini – Venison

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyPoultry
Chicken – Chicken liver – Cornish hen – Fat-free turkey and chicken sausages – Low fat deli slices of chicken or turkey – Ostrich steak – Quail – Turkey – Wild duck

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyFish
Arctic char – Catfish – Cod – Flounder – Grouper – Haddock – Halibut and smoked halibut – Herring – Mackerel – Mahi Mahi – Monkfish – Orange roughy – Perch – Red snapper – Salmon or mmoked salmon – Sardines, fresh or canned in water – Sea bass – Shark – Sole – Surimi – Swordfish – Tilapia – Trout – Tuna, fresh or canned in water

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyShellfish
Clams – Crab – Crawfish, crayfish – Lobster – Mussels – Octopus – Oysters – Scallops – Shrimp – Squid

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyVegetarian Proteins
Seitan – Soy foods and veggie burgers – Tempeh – Tofu

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyFat-free dairy products
Fat-free cottage cheese, Fat-free cream cheese, Fat-free milk, Fat-free plain Greek style yogurt, Fat-free ricotta, Fat-free sour cream

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyEggs
Chicken – Quail – Duck


32 vegetables: starting from the Cruise phase

The Dukan Diet: The Real Steps to do it PerfectlyArtichoke – Asparagus – Bean sprouts – Beet – Broccoli – Brussels sprouts – Cabbage – Carrot – Cauliflower – Celery – Cucumber – Eggplant – Endive – Fennel – Green beans – Kale – Lettuce, arugula, radicchio – Mushrooms – Okra – Onions, leeks, shallots – Palm Hearts – Peppers – Pumpkin – Radishes – Rhubarb – Spaghetti squash – Squash – Spinach – Tomato – Turnip – Watercress – Zucchini

And if that were not enough, Dukan in addition to specify what we should eat, has created a series of menu and desserts with own recipes to make us the most enjoyable, fun and creative meals. Easier and simpler impossible to get fit while we develop our culinary skills.

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